Tim and Joe deep-dive on some of the ideas that Tim presented in his 2017 Porcfest speech (ana013). In particular, we consider opportunities and challenges of privatizing public space using “opt-in trusts.”


We recommend listening to the previous episode ana013 before this one.


  • Joe’s reaction
    • An important contribution to Libertarian theory
  • Similar ideas in Libertarian thought
    • Roderick Long – Homesteading public use
    • Walter Block
    • Space: The Final Public Space
    • Hans Herman Hoppe
    • Public Space as a foundation of the State
    • Does government ownership legitimize immigration restrictions?
    • Governments may not have the same reciprocal rights as private property owners
    • Forceful eviction conflicts with the NAP, but is a reasonable right for private property owners to reciprocally extend to each other
    • Frank Van Dun – Freedom of Movement and Encirclement
    • Walter Block Rebuttal – Tunnels and Helicopters
    • Government should not have the right to restrict public use
  • Porcfest Reactions to Tim’s speech
    • View from the top
    • Ownership by abutters
    • Slippery Slope – back to the Hoppe argument
    • Easement for public use
  • Opt-In Trusts
    • Buyout process to remove from public use
    • Give people a choice in the level of ownership
    • Ownership structures – let the market sort it out
    • Who gets to opt-in to the trust?
    • The same conundrum as Marxist “everybody owns everything”
    • Russian Vouchers, windfall profits, de facto monopolies
    • Universal Basic Income vs. Universal Dividend
    • Dilution of dividends
    • How can Trusts raise money?
    • Why you don’t want Australian Roads
  • Privatize Public Space = Privatize Everything
    • No government property means no need for government police
    • A workable incremental approach
    • Create your Opt-In Trust today!
    • Friends of the Park
    • Demonstrating good faith – Open Source Charters
  • Post-State Cities – Stay Tuned
  • Free Staters looking to build – Give Tim a Call – Adra Architecture


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