We were recently interviewed on The Tom Woods Show.

This episode includes the discussion with Tom, plus a “post-game” discussion to further clarify some of the points raised during the interview.


Tom Woods is the…

  • Nicest Guy In the Liberty Movement (except on Twitter)
  • James Brown of the Liberty Movement
  • Oprah of the Liberty Movement

Preparations for the interview

Interview – The Tom Woods Show, Episode 802 (00:04:55)

  • Tom Introduces Tim and Joe
  • Joe, the “Multi-disciplinary Engineer”
  • Ideological slants of Architects and Engineers
  • Logistics of producing “The World’s Most Antipodal Podcast (TM)”
  • What is the Built Environment?
  • Who will build the roads?
  • Built Environment issues are not politicized left vs. right
  • Libertarians and “Normal People”
  • “Undesirable Material” – Anarcho-Sewage Treatment
  • The format of every NPR story
  • Is Tennis more libertarian than football?
  • Planning isn’t a bad thing
  • Jane Jacobs
  • Human Scale
  • “Eyes on the Street”
  • Planned and Unplanned cities
  • Failures of Planning – Boston City Hall Plaza
  • The roads, revisited
  • Are libertarian solutions too clunky?
  • Technical solutions and commercial solutions
  • Pop Quiz: Which country is an anarcho-capitalist utopia with private roads?
  • Privatization and divestiture – How do we get there from here?
  • Anarchitecture Podcast website details
  • @anarchitecturep on Twitter – Real world examples (we use #ThisIsAnarchitecture)
  • “The Tom Woods House” – A great result using DonorSee

Post-Game (00:41:37)

  • Initial reactions
    • Our first interview – thinking on our toes
    • How we usually record – Editing Ums and Ahs
  • Technical Challenges
    • Tim’s Recording Rig
    • Joe’s Pop Filter
    • “Have I started an electrical fire?”
    • Tom’s cat – even the pro’s have glitches
  • Highlights
    • Unscripted moments of inspiration
    • Tom’s takeaways from #ana003
  • Who was Hayek?
    • Developed Austrian Business Cycle Theory with Ludwig von Mises
    • Won the “Swedish Central Bank’s Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel” AKA Nobel Prize in Economics
    • Focused on the role of decentralized information in a complex society
  • Who was Jane Jacobs?
    • “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”
    • Feud with Robert Moses – Grassroots opposition to eminent domain
    • No formal education, an autodidact
    • Journalist for Architectural Record magazine
    • “Where are all the people?”
    • “Eyes on the Street” – taking ownership of your neighborhood
    • Le Corbusier’s “Vertical City” – Unite de habitacion
    • A good idea, dumbed down
    • Public housing projects and criminality
    • A spectacular failure – Pruitt-Igoe
    • A decentralized surveillance state
    • Distributed surveillance, judgement and action
  • “Were there any parts where you put your foot in your mouth?”
    • Dodging the question
    • UN AGENDA 21!!! – Too harsh?
    • Applying Austrian insights about information and monopoly theory to city planning
    • Channeling Alex Jones
  • Conclusion


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