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Administrative updates about the Anarchitecture podcast, blog, and website.

Tim Brochu to Speak at NH’s Porcupine Freedom Festival!

Tim Brochu, co-host of Anarchitecture Podcast, will be presenting at the Free State Project’s 14th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) in New Hampshire!

Tim’s speech, entitled “Private Ownership of Public Space in Post-State Cities,” will be at 10:00 AM, Friday June 23rd in the Creating Communities tent. See below for a synopsis of his speech.

Tim is also sponsoring PorcFest on behalf of his new architecture practice, Adra Architecture.  Adra Architecture offers a broad range of architectural services to residential, commercial, and healthcare clients in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Tim will create his own piece of public space, the “Adra Lounge,” in PorcFest’s Agora Village. If you make it to PorcFest, be sure to stop by to meet Tim, discuss Anarchitecture, view a portfolio of his work, and learn more about Adra Architecture’s services.

The Free State Project is an agreement among 20,000 participants to move to New Hampshire by 2021, working toward “the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property.”

See you at PorcFest!

Private Ownership of Public Space in Post-State Cities

“Public property” and “public space” are often misconstrued as describing the same thing, implying that if public property were privatized then public space would be eliminated.

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Tim’s New Venture: Adra Architecture

Need Anarchitect?

I have decided to start my own architecture practice, called Adra Architecture, offering a broad range of architectural services to residential, commercial, and healthcare clients in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

In Anarchitecture Podcast Episode ana006: Citizen of Nowhere | Part 1: Tim’s Abroad Life, I talked about how I had left my career of thirteen years with one of northern New England’s premier architecture firms to be a stay-at-home dad traveling the world with my young family for nearly two years.

I have written a post on my Adra Architecture Blog that describes how this life-altering experience convinced me to take on this exciting new venture, along with the travel story that inspired the name “Adra:”

What Does “Adra” Mean?

If you or anyone you know would like to talk to me about a potential project, please let me know at, 617-913-5906, or request a consultation through the contact form at

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Kickoff: Official Launch of Anarchitecture

Could our society ever evolve to the point where the power structures of government become so needless that the best use of The Mall in Washington DC would be grazing land for cattle?

Welcome to the official launch of Anarchitecture!

Anarchitecture considers issues related to the built environment from the perspective of anarchism, a political philosophy derived from the principal that the initiation of force by individuals and governments is morally wrong and counterproductive in practice.

18 months in the making, the website and podcast feed have achieved substantial completion and are now live.


Tim and Joe are identical twin brothers who have a combined three decades of experience delivering local and international construction projects.


Podcast Episode Summary

Episode ana000: Breaking Ground – A brief welcome and introduction.

Foundations Series:
The obligatory anarchist manifesto, explained through the lens of the built environment. Audio essay introductions followed by overview discussions of a broad range of topics.

Episode ana001: Planning the Ruins | The Built Environment – Introduction to Anarchitecture and the built environment.

Episode ana002: The Grid | Problems with Government – Tim and Joe define the concept of the State, and illustrate how the State initiates force at each scale of the built environment.

Episode ana003: Antarchitecture | Anarchic Alternatives – Introduction to the philosophy of anarchism, and an exploration of anarchic approaches to developing the built environment.

Personal Stories:
More conversational discussions as Tim and Joe each tell a relevant story from our own lives.

Episode ana004: Tim’s Solar Scam – Tim took advantage of government subsidies to install solar panels on his roof. Is he a hypocrite?

Episode ana005: Joe’s House of Doom – Joe tells the harrowing tale of the house that tried to kill him. How do we know if buildings are safe?


Thanks for visiting Anarchitecture – the built environment of a stateless society. We hope you enjoy the show!

Tim and Joe

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Welcome to Anarchitecture.

This site is currently under construction and will achieve substantial completion soon, subject to Zoning Assessment, Development Approval, Environmental Impact Study, HAZOP, CHAZOP, Union Negotiations, Subcontractor Evaluations, Safety Audits, Environmental Audits, Quality Audits, Building Code Inspection, Fire Inspection…

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