Tim was interviewed on Danilo Cuellar’s “Peaceful Anarchism” Podcast.

A fun and wide-ranging discussion leaving no stone unturned.

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  • “It’s all about the jokes.”
  • Summary of The Foundations Series
  • Divestiture of property
  • Libertarians colonizing the moon
  • Private ownership of public space
  • Homesteading for public use
  • Divesting government property
  • Public forms of ownership
  • Why the 90’s were a joke
  • How Tim became a libertarian
  • The genesis of Anarchitecture podcast
  • Ron Paul, the exception that proves the rule that politicians are dirtbags
  • The scales framework, revisited
  • Resolving conflict at different scales of the built environment
  • You don’t need national defense if you don’t have a nation
  • Democratic nation-states put a target on the back of every citizen
  • 38% of land mass is owned by Federal and State governments. Most is in western states. Local government land ownership and roads may increase this percentage.
  • Government owned property is a honeypot for invaders
  • Property divestiture makes government less necessary
  • Private ownership and competition of power utilities, roads, water distribution
  • Monopoly and its malcontents
  • Everyone loves parks
  • Preservation through privatization
  • London’s Green Belt
  • The destructive effects of “free” government roads
  • Government trains vs. private trains
  • Improving road safety through private ownership of roads
  • 40,000 people die each year on US roads.
  • Tim’s favorite quote: “Tu Ne Cede Malis, Sed Contra Audentior Ito” – Ludwig von Mises’ personal motto, from Virgils “The Aeneid” (Which we read in 3rd year Latin class and promptly forgot).
  • Antarchitecture, revisited
  • “A latticework of harmony” – Beautiful!
  • Important announcements


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