the built environment of a stateless society

ana005: Joe’s House of Doom

Joe tells the harrowing tale of the house that tried to kill him.

How do we know if buildings are safe?

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  • “The only two worries are bush fires and snakes”
  • Joe’s Aussie hat
  • How Australia survived the GFC
  • Propping up the Aussie housing bubble
  • Decision to rent
  • Sold!
  • “We weren’t sure if they would let us keep the chickens”
  • The walkthrough
  • Moving in
  • Housing bubbles and subdivision
  • “And then things took a turn for the worse”
  • “Screw it and glue it”
  • Deterioration
  • “That was a structural light switch cover”
  • Retreat!
  • Possum fight!
  • Speculation on causes
  • A whole new mystery
  • A rhombus, and a rescue plan
  • “I don’t think that’s a problem”
  • Legalese
  • A revelation
  • Tenancies tribunal
  • Aftermath
  • Root cause analysis
  • Black market arborists?
  • How governments try to ensure safe buildings
    • Building codes
    • Licensing
    • Inspections
  • Lessons Learned
    • 10 tips for renters and buyers
    • 4 tips for landlords and sellers
  • The anarchic approach
  • A false sense of security



SPOILER ALERT! For maximum suspense and terror, we recommend listening to the podcast episode before viewing these gruesome photos.

Note – these were taken in September 2012. It got worse.

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  1. Another fun listen! Nice job. Would a new government agency such as the Department of Urban Tree Inspection and Classification have helped the situation? A great ending and I’m looking forward to the next post!

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