Could our society ever evolve to the point where the power structures of government become so needless that the best use of The Mall in Washington DC would be grazing land for cattle?

Unlike any other form of societal organization, the state claims legitimate authority to initiate force against people without their consent, through taxation, regulation, and military action.

Could there be alternative, non-aggressive means for meeting society’s ends?

Anarchitecture explores this question as it applies to all aspects of the built environment.

From the personal scale of your home, to the community scale of a metropolis, to the global scale of a diversity of regions, we identify the impacts of historical and contemporary governmental aggression on the shape and form of the physical world around us.

We consider alternative, non-aggressive approaches for resolving conflict and promoting cooperation in the development of the built environment.

We hope to demonstrate that an anarchic world is conceivable, possibly achievable, and ultimately desirable.

For an introduction to the philosophy of anarchism as it relates to the built environment, listen to the Foundations Series.

Who are Tim and Joe?

Tim and Joe are identical twin brothers who have a combined three decades of experience delivering local and international construction projects.

Tim is a registered architect based in Boston who has designed and managed many projects throughout New England and New York. He specializes in the design of healthcare facilities but has also completed schools, airports, commercial buildings, and private residences, including his own house which he has turned into his own personal construction laboratory.

Joe is an engineer based in Adelaide, South Australia, with multidisciplinary experience including mechanical, electrical, automation, and IT. He spent eight years installing, project managing, and servicing projection, audio, and theater automation for large format planetarium and IMAX theaters around the world. He is currently a sales engineer and estimator focused on small to medium sized power generation projects in the Australiasian region. He has also worked in process improvement for an aircraft engine assembly plant.

Tim and Joe apply this diverse range of complementary knowledge, combined with a unique philosophical perspective, to explore the challenges and opportunities for development of the built environment using non-aggressive, anarchic means.

Find out more about us by listening to our Personal Stories.